Improving office sound insulation

Improving office sound insulation


The right working atmosphere is required for long term motivation of the workforce. Ideally matched optimisations are an important contributor in order to improve office acoustics. We analyse your space as well as the intended installation and subsequently determine the requirements in terms of floorspace, walls, ceilings and furnishings.

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One should never underestimate noise pollution in the workplace, since consistently high noise levels are accompanied by health risks and can be a source of additional stress that can drastically reduce employee satisfaction. However, such problems can be effectively prevented if timely action is taken to improve office sound insulation since advanced calculations used by our team set out to develop advanced and directional concepts in office acoustics. In addition to special sound insulation walls, we also supply sound-absorbing cabinets which ensure optimal working conditions in every office or conference room. In addition, our portfolio also includes sound absorbing panel which not only dampen loud noises, but also set aesthetic accents. In order to present you with an ideal solution, we always take care of your specific requirements in our sound-optimised space planning and design.

Do you wish to discover more about how to improve acoustics in the office and how to soundproof your walls? We’d be more than happy to answer all your questions personally at your premises. The Quadro Office team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Improve office sound insulation!